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Save Duplin County, Become Vegan.


I found myself unexpectedly watching a documentary on Netflix titled, "What the Health". And, well, basically… we should all be vegan. 


Here's some interesting things I learned:

Protein comes from plants and when we eat animal meat we're just eating recycled protein. Alot of the biggest strongest animals in the world – Elephants, Rhinos, Gorillas all eat plants. You can pretty much heal yourself of alot of diseases, sicknesses, and illnesses by eating a plant based diet, which consists of mostly vegetables, fruits, rice, and beans. 

– The part that was super disturbing was what "Big Pork" (the pork industry) is doing to the people of North Carolina. Literally pigs are fed pigs and lakes and rivers are overflowing brown water from pig shit. Pig shit in ponds. Pig shit everywhere just so you can have those two pieces of bacon with your meal during that weekly Sunday bottomless mimosa brunch. Pig shit is sprinkled through the air daily via sprinkler systems and it's killing ALOT of people, and they (Pork industry and the North Carolina government) don't give a f&*k. Oh yea and the water is still poison in Flint… just in case you forgot… cuz I know you forgot. 

– Another disturbing fact is that the USDA, The American Cancer Society, The American Diabetes Association, Susan G Komen Breast Cancer, and others are sponsored by the very companies, brands, and products that cause their respective illnesses and deaths. In fact their focus is mostly on prolonging life with the diseases, instead of curing and eliminating it all together (via prevention or proper diet). They want you to continue to eat shit and have life-long prescription drugs (so "they" can make those stacks on stacks on stacks).  Also, the government is paid hundreds of millions by these industries (meat, dairy, etc) every year. 

The older I get the more I realize how America really is just one huge business. That's the beauty of it, but it's also the ugly of it. Anyway, I never thought I'd be about to make a transition into vegan life, but I mean, is there even really a choice? For educated people, people who have health issues and take medication, and folks that simply want better in life– it's the only sensible option. One huge perk, besides potentially saving your life, is that you'll save lots of money too. Yes, it's VERY very possible to eat healthy for the low, checkout this article.

A Congressman’s Uniform: Fashion Interview with Ambassador Andrew Young

Last month, I was personally invited to attend The HOPE Global Forum in Atlanta, Georgia. It was quite the business affair, the rooms overflowed with everyone from CEOs of multi-billion dollar corporations to bootstrapping entrepreneurs. There was ample opportunity for connections and nearly all attendees seemed to be in good spirits. It was here that I found myself informally chatting it up with the great Andrew Young. A leader, a trailblazer, a reverend, a congressman, a mayor, and ambassador… Young has lived quite a full life and seems to have no plans of stopping. 

What I thought would only be a small polite conversation, quickly turned into a full-scale reveal of his view on men's style and fashion. By the end of the conversation a crowd of smiling, well-engaged faces had gathered around us. So I figured I’d sum up what I learned first-hand about the style of this historical figure, and share it with The Urban Gentleman family. 

Casual Cool: Jon Favreau

I love the causal look of Barack Obama’s speech writer, Jon Favreau. And it must feel good to help write the speeches for America’s greatest President– did I mention he’s only 26.

flat fronts.

President Barack Obama, Jon Favreu, and others reviewing Obama’s speech.

Republicans Have Style Too….William Weld.

Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld, a Republican,
endorses Democrat Barack Obama for president
at the Baravk Obama campaign office in
Salem, N.H. Friday, Oct. 24, 2008.

I figured this might as well be a day of political style. So let me start with a picture I found of William Weld. This combination is sickening… matching your glasses to your tie is something you may want to try (hey that ryhmes, lol).

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