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Urban Gent Poll: What Do You Want For Christmas?

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Electronics: phone, computer, TV, etc
  12 (12%)
Casual Clothing/Apparel: jeans, jacket, sneakers, etc
  38 (39%)
Dressy Clothing/Apparel: suit, dress shoes, tie, etc
  21 (21%)
Grooming Products: cologne, shaving kits, etc
  10 (10%)
  2 (2%)
Media: music, movies, games, computer program
  2 (2%)
Non-tangible: vacation, gym membership, etc
  2 (2%)
Any thoughtful gift or time with family/friends
  10 (10%)

Out of about 100 votes it seems most Urban Gentlemen wanted casual clothing for Christmas, followed by dressy clothing, and electronics. Though we hope everyone received lots of cool kicks, premium denim,  perfectly fitted suits, 7-fold ties, and top-notch fragrances, don’t forget that this is the season of giving (so be sure to give a little)! Happy Holidays!

Urban Gent Poll: Whose Style Do You Like Best

The results from the latest Urban Gent Poll are in… this was sort of a mini poll since it didn’t run for that long:

The Question: Whose Style Do You Like Best?

Zac Efron
20 (17%)
Nick Cannon
3 (2%)
Channing Tatum
10 (8%)
Kid Cudi
53 (45%)
John Legend
25 (21%)
Robert Pattinson
5 (4%)
Votes so far: 116

1st place goes to Kid Cudi, 2nd John Lengend, and 3rd Zac Efron.

I’m not surprised at Kid Cudi winning first, the Winter/Fall Fashion Guide has been posted front and center for the past month or so, and he’s posted as my example for Assorted Swank. Plus, alot of Urban Gent readers are big fans of artist like Kid Cudi, Lupe, Pharrell, etc etc. I’ll look into doing a more in-depth Kid Cudi style article later.

Zac Efron at UK premiere of ‘Me and Orson Welles’, Nov 18th

I honestly thought Zac Efron would get 2nd, if not 1st, but he got 3rd. He’s been pretty consistent with his style for the past two years and he constantly updates his looks; sometimes its a big update while other times it’s subtle. Zac’s perfectly polished look from the beginning of 2009 was, well, perfect. And his messy, swept-over hair do from mid-2009 was oookay, not one of my favorites, but I appreciated the update and experimentation. His current look is pretty great as well. Hmmm, I guess when I think of Efron’s changing styles I think of his hair. But besides his hair his attire is always perfect… his jeans fit well, as do his button downs. He and his girlfriend always look flawless on the red carpet.

John Legend always look nice. His suits are usually custom-fitted, he wears trendy bow-ties, and just keeps himself well-groomed (hair, skin, clothing) like an Urban Gent should.

***Don’t forget to vote on the new poll… What’s Your Favorite Fall/Winter Trend? (located on the right side of the page)

Urban Gent POLL: Which accessory Can you NOT live without?

Here are the results of the latest Urban Gentleman poll:

The Question: Which accessory Can you NOT live without?

The results:

88 (32%)
17 (6%)
17 (6%)
fitted hat
20 (7%)
5 (1%)
scarf (all types)
21 (7%)
48 (17%)
20 (7%)
1 (0%)
9 (3%)
brooch, pins, buttons
6 (2%)
i dont really wear accessories
17 (6%)
not listed
4 (1%)

Votes so far: 273
Poll closed

1. Watches
2. Eyewear/Sunglasses
3. Scarves
4. Tie
5. 3-way tie between bookbags/murses, necklaces, and not really wearing accessories.

The results a very practical… I was somewhat surprised that watches won by such a large margin- with the use of cellphones and all. But it makes sense… a watch is a very sensible and classic addition to any man’s wardrobe.

Father’s Day: What Do You Really Want?

Father’s Day is around the corner and I know alot of ladies come here when trying to figure out what to get you guys, so I figured instead of me making a random list of potential Father’s Day gifts it’d be better if you guys just gave suggestions, sooooo…

What Would You Guys Like to Receive for Father’s Day?

(all ideas are welcome, even from future fathers)

Do you really like receiving tools and ties, or would you prefer an ipod or a few of your favorite dvds? Maybe a great home cooked meal with all your favorite dishes?

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