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My Newest Fetish: Animal Scarves

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about these animal print scarves that make me look twice- they really stand out. The python scarf? sick-o-ning. You can cop one of these babies for $182 (by Yarnz) at, but I’m hoping H&M or Urban Outfitters make similar animal prints for about $20, and when they do, you guys will be the first to know.
zebra dude? this is so haute.

snow leopard? a bit feminine- i would stay away from this.


Men’s Accessories Part I: Scarves

Lupe Fiasco loves sportin’ scarves

I often meet guys who feel like their style needs more. . .they like the way they dress, but they want to be able to stretch their look- meaning they want to be able to wear the same outfit in different ways. Well, the best way to diversify your style is to add accessories. The most basic accessory is a belt, but that’ s more of a necessity. . .we’ll talk about belts another day.

Below are the accessories that can enhance any man’s look if worn properly, I will write about each of the accessories one or two at a time over the next few weeks:

1. Scarves
2. Ties
3. Hats
4. Suspenders/Braces
5. Shades
6. Glasses
7. Out-of-the-box accessories

Lets start with Scarves.

Scarves have hit the hip-hop scene hard ever since Pharrell, Lupe, and Kanye began wearing them and it’s a trend that will be around for awhile. I know there are some people who are getting tired of see people sporting the same black and white “arab scarf”, but hey “what are you gonna do”, lol. . . I think it’s cool to have a scarf or two around, it’s something extra to have in your wardrobe and it almost instantaneously gives you a “hollywood look”.

It seems like every male celebrity wears scarves these days:

Pharrell tends to rock designer scarves only

Lil Wayne has been wearing scarves alot recently, above he’s
at the BET Awards after party. He wore a red and white scarf
during his latest MTV performance of “A millie”


Jermaine Dupri and Chris Brown

Kanye West

Kanye West

Like I somewhat mentioned earlier, the basic scarf in the “arab scarf”, it comes in a variety of colors usually black and a bright color. I think this is a good choice for men who want to play it safe, but remember that “arab scarves” worn by men usually give off a more hip-hop look.

Those who want a classic and clean look should avoid that type of scarf. Focus on getting silk-type scarves that are more neutral in color and that you could possibly wear years from now. This scarf is and should be timeless in look and it’s the type I highly recommend for Urban Gentleman.

Alexis Phipher & Kanye West

You can buy these scarves anywhere and everywhere now. . .I recommend 3 places:

1.) – they have a great variety for great prices
2.) Mall (from GAP to Urban Outfitters)– you will be able to find the trendiest styles at your local mall.
3.) your local thrift store – shopping here allows you to be unique, if you spend the time searching you could possibly find a designer scarf for a really really really cheap price.

Check out these scarves:

For in-store designer scarves: Barneys and Neiman Marcus
(scarves are often seen as either unisex or for women in the retail world, so you may have to visit the women’s accessories area to find these types scarves.)

You can now buy the EXACT scarves Lil’Wayne and Kanye West wear (plus many more) at The Urban Gentleman Store, click HERE.

J a c i n d a of The Urban Gentleman

Men’s Fashion Trends

The great thing about men’s fashions is that it stays pretty consistent. There are minor changes that happen every other year or so, but usually the major looks and trends last for years. The other great thing about men’s fashion is that there are only a handful of trendy looks, oppose to the hundreds of different looks women can “go-for”. So if you’re revamping your wardrobe or just trying to figure out what’s “in”. . .then check out these current fashion trends.

Blue: Sound simple right, well it is. Blue is one the current colors of the season. This is the easiest current men’s trend- all you have to do is buy blue clothes- I’d suggest some nice cobalt blue button-ups and maybe a indigo blue tie.

Unique Frames: Nothing says “I’m fly” better than a unique pair of shades. The traditional aviators are always great, but try a box-framed aviator in one of your favorite colors is even better.

Neckwear: A great way to update your wardrobe without buying more clothes is to buy a few ties and scarves. If you’re a newbie to the scarf department you should stick to the traditional Arab scarf- it comes in a variety of colors. Ties are a great way to complete any look . . . and skinny ties are still a cut above the rest. Add a complimenting solid bright tie to your neutral toned button-up and sweater.

Lupe Fiasco always wears his scarves right

80’s: Everything 80’s is in . . .solid bright colors, geometric types shapes, gold jewelry, funky sneakers, and more. Some guys like to go completely 80s I suggest going “neatly 80s” meaning don’t go too overboard unless you’re going to themed party. Keep your 80s look neat and clean by wearing a bright 80’s graphic tee and sneakers, but instead of wearing bright 80’s esque pants wear dark denim jeans and some unique frames.

Rock Star: One of the most popular looks for men is the “Rocker look” everyone from Lil’Wayne to David Beckham rocks style that make them look as if they bonified Rock Stars. The main staples for this look are fitted t-shirts and jeans that fit (no baggy jeans allowed). An Ed Hardy t-shirt and True Religion jeans are easy ways accomplish “The Rock Star”. I suggest mimicking ensembles of true rock starts like Travis Barker or mimicking the styles of guys who have the look down-pack like Lupe Fiasco.

Jim Jones & Juelz Santana Rock it out

Urban Prep: This is my personal favorite. It’s such a versatile look and truly signifies the meaning of “The Urban Gentleman”. Urban Prep is a mixture of the latest hip-hop trends and the traditional preppy look. There are a variety of ways to get the look, and is up for individual interpretation, but one simple example is to wear a fitted hat and chuck tailors/converse or unique sneakers with a button-up, sweater vest, and tie.

Kanye West dressed Urban Prep
(minus the LV coin purse)
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