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Christian Louboutin Tassel Suede Loafers and Louis Python Sneakers

With his studs retired for a brief moment, here's a little taste of what Christian Louboutin has to offer for Fall/Winter 2011.

Christian Louboutin Tasselissimo Suede Shoes, $1,450. In well-known over indulgent Christian Louboutin style, these tasseled loafers have been taken to the max… and then some. At very first glance, these lingered as off-putting, but then a few more seconds passed and I envisioned these being paired with a well tailored navy suit, worn sockless (down a cobblestone street in Italy, lol).

Christian Louboutin Louis Python Crystal Sneakers, $1,495. Simple all black python snakeskin exotic sneakers, with his signature Louboutin red bottoms. I can easily see these on the red carpet– maybe on Usher, Pharrell?

I must say, Louboutin is making the best crossover from women's shoes to men's, while some of his designs may be a bit ornate for some they definitely stand out as bona fide statement pieces. See More Photos Below, —> CONTINUE READING MORE >>>

S/S Men’s Style Essential: Espadrilles

men's street style espadrilles

Our next featured style essential? Men's espadrilles… the perfect summer kick-around shoe, along with your canvas lace-ups of course.

And this year designers and brands have really expanded their espadrille offerings, they're not just offering the basic slip-on anymore… we've got high-top espadrilles, lace-up espadrilles, suede espadrilles, even leather espadrilles.Check it all out below:



Check out the complete Spring Summer Men's Style Guide, here.

More Espadrille Street Style Below –> CONTINUE READING MORE >>>

RYZ Sneakers: G3-Series



There are always new products coming out, and most of it ends up being pretty damn mediocre, yanno #basic. But when you combine former Adidas U.S. and Japan President, Rob Langstaff, and well-known artist/designer Todd Alan Breland you get more than mediocre. These guys combined their experience and expertise to create a new, design-focused footwear brand– RYZ. Initially starting with graphic focused designs, RYZ has recently introduced a new modern, streamlined line of sneakers– The G3-Series.The G3 kicks are meant to provide men a staple, "all-around sneaker"– something you can wear with cargo shorts or a suit. I'm not always keen on sneakers -and- suit pairings, but I can easily see these with a slim-fit casual suit. In the words of RYZ Founder Rob Langstaff and Creative Director Todd Breland, "By combining the refined sensibility of dress shoes with the comfort and aesthetics of athletic footwear, RYZ challenges convention creating a refreshing foundation for men of every generation".


Some of the design work of Todd Breland: Coca-Cola, Absolut/Kanye West, Elephant.

To take it a step further you can customize the G3-Series: the style, the color, and the soles. So we gave it a try…


Can't get any better than T.U.G branded kicks: all black, style H-G3, T.U.G modern logo repeating on the sole

AND of course in true Urban Gentleman fashion we're going to giveaway a pair of H-G3 in black or white (courtesy of RYZ) . Plus, for the next month you can get 20% off RYZ sneakers using the code: RYZ-Dietch-20UrbanGent. Start creating a custom pair by going, here.

To win: Follow on Twitter, Fan on Facebook, and/or sign-up for T.U.G Mail. Then simply comment or retweet. And as always the more ways you enter the higher your chances of winning. Also be sure to Like RYZ on Facebook. (winners are chosen via

More photos below —> CONTINUE READING MORE >>>

Mountain Boots.


Inspired by the ruggedness of the Land Rover and the rugged/mountaineering trends, check out these boots:


Zonkey Boots


There's a new luxury Austrian shoe brand around, its name? Zonkey Boot. Sounds sorta weird huh? And yes, the name is meant to sound like a cross between "Zebra and Donkey"…




St.Crispin shoe designer Michael Rollig explains, "So, what is a Zonkey [you may ask]? Zonkeys are crossbreeds and come in various shapes; the mixture of their features [are] unpredictable. They are a man made attempt to create something new from known ingredients, in this case genes. Looking at a Zonkey one finds himself searching for the Zebra’s and the Donkey’s attributes; some are visible, some are hidden and the distribution is different in each specimen. [So] what is Zonkey Boot? Our ongoing attempt to create heavenly shoes."

I guess that makes sense… they already have the ingredients to make great shoes, but they want to create something that is unpredictable and new, like a Zonkey. I can dig it. The name is definitely catchy, and the shoes are pretty darn hot. So I'm sure these will be a success.


Welts & Leisure (above). Hand-welted shoes — which many proclaim is the best method for making shoes (they'll last a lifetime), it's very time-consuming process and requires great skill, so it is "rare and precious" to have new hand-welted shoes these days.


Zonkey Boot Urban Sports (above): The Italian province of Veneto, on the southern side of the alps, has a tradition of mountaineering shoe making. Zonkey Boot sports shoes are a minimalized version of the mountain boots, featuring all the technical requirements for urban outdoor use, like ortho-cork inlays and advanced rubber sole constructions.


Read more and see more photos of Zonkey Boots below –>

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