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Jeaned Up


Urban Gentleman Kanayo King
(shirt: Ralph Lauren, vest: vintage, jeans: RL, shoes: Converse)

We’ve combined a few trends to get this look: colorized, shades of blue, summer layers, and well, jean. Basically we’ve jeaned up urban gent Kanayo King, threw in some ‘characterized’ classic chucks, classic frames, and beaded accessories to top it all off.

Detailed Notes: These days when you opt for monochromatic or colorized, you can either keep it classic 80s with everything matching exactly or you can update it and add depth by varying the shade of the color you’re wearing… we did the latter. We also mixed jean textures: chambray shirt, hard denim vest, and soft denim jeans– this adds a sort of visual interest to the look and it gives it a bit of stylish ruggedness. (PS: The vest is actually a vintage jean jacket with the sleeves cut off).

Get the look:


UPDATED: The Urban Gentleman Store

Hey guys, I hope your weekend is going swell! Be sure to catch up on all the new articles from this weekend, it should make up for the 5 dry days this past week. Also I want to announce the creation of The Urban Gentleman Store Front. I always get emails from you guys asking about specific items to buy, well now you can just visit The Urban Gentleman Store Front. I have specifically chosen items that go along with a variety of trends and styles. Be sure to check out the store weekly for new items- I’ll continuously be adding new items and sections. The Urban Gent Store is especially great for gifts!! Some of the feature items will be on the top left sidebar.
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