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An Exception to Being Exceptional.

jackie-robinson-four-sport standout at UCLA -- starring track, baseball, football and basketball.


Born in 1919 in Cairo, Georgia – Jackie Robinson was a four-sport standout at UCLA — starring track, baseball, football and basketball. In fact, he was the school's first athlete to win varsity letter in all four sports. They say you have to focus on one thing, one trade only, to really be great. And for the most part, I do agree. But I've found an exception to the rule for those who can't be bolted down to repeatedly doing the same thing, no matter how awesome it is. That exception is diversifying in your chosen field.

EXAMPLES: For a person in finance this might mean having your comfortable Wall Street gig, but becoming Director of Finance for a start-up that really interest you. For an artist this might be painting and selling your own works, but also curating art galleries and writing about art for a publication you love. For an athlete like Jackie Robinson, it meant being an athlete in different sports while in college.


An ode to vintage sports style with a few chill summer jerseys, tube socks, and white tennis shoes. 

Expensive Suits Should Have Nice Socks

It doesn't make sense to put cheap tires on a McLaren 6505, so why would anyone wear cheaply made socks with an Armani suit? If you're trying your best to advance your business career, socks are not something to roll up and toss.

Your socks can be liberating and set you apart. Everyone says: "Your clothes say a lot about you." VKNagrani men’s designer socks can do better than that. They can inspire you to live with purpose. If you feel like a badass, you'll act like a badass. Try that with some boring, old, black, nylon socks!


Life With Purpose 

Most of what successful people do in life is work. So whether a person is filling out an accounting spreadsheet or running a board meeting, they have an opportunity to be their best.

Values are the things that are important to us. Values give individuals a purpose. You could value adventure or learning. The best companies value quality and practicality.

Socks might seem like a silly thing to worry about, especially when it comes to defining your purpose in life, but not only do the higher end socks feel good, they tend to show what kind of person you are. Typically no one is going to see your socks, but when they do, you want them to see something of high quality, and something that you didn’t pick up in an eight pack at your local retail store.


Like a Fine Meal

Unlike food with exotic ingredients you eat and only remember, the higher end fashion socks end fashion socks have exotic materials that will last and you can wear often. While socks may not seem important, during the day these high end socks stay up, they don't get holes in them or become threadbare after two washes. 

Wool-only or nylon-only socks don't wick away sweat or stay up. They are hot and can lead to athlete's foot. What you want, is a pair of socks that can breathe and keep your feel comfortable all day. If you’re going to look like a million bucks, you might as well feel like it, right?

It’s all about quality, and buying with purpose. Rather than buying clothes randomly, ask yourself how they can serve you not only today, but for many years to come. This means each item in your wardrobe should be functional, not once-a-year-flashy. Quality socks should last and not have to be thrown out after six months. The wearer should be able to enjoy them for years.


Be Practical

Socks should look good, but they also should do their job. They should be comfortable; fashion does not have to be painful.

With the best socks on the market, you can look and feel good simultaneously. Drugstore socks might look good in the package, but the wearer will know the difference, especially after a lengthy session of wear.


Fast Fashion

It certainly is not practical to buy your wardrobe based on spring Fashion Week. Let the masses buy cheap versions of runway clothes from large retailers. Those clothes will probably wear out before the fall Fashion Week.

"Fast" can mean a lot of things in fashion. How fast a retail sell out of the latest trend? How can a pair of cheap socks be thrown out? How fast can you waste your money treasure hunting?

The point is you can save money in the long run and always look good by focusing on quality and practical clothing including socks.


Don't Be Boring

Sure, plain black nylon socks will insulate your feet, but a pair of quality socks with interesting colors and patterns will get you noticed in a good way. Socks are supposed to absorb sweat from your feet, so your expensive leather shoes don't smell bad and last longer, according to Business Insider.

Bold patterns are okay, as long as the color of your socks matches or complements the colors in your shirt or tie. If a super conservative environment is your workplace, then match the color of your socks to your trousers. But you can play about with the texture of the socks to make things interesting.

In the end, the best socks on the market are not necessarily about making sure you have something to cover your feet, but rather about making sure you can walk in comfort while reflecting the refined, tasteful individual within. Start looking into the best dress socks on the market today. It won’t be long before you have exactly what you need, and you’ll be dressed to impress every day of the week. The fate of your feet are in your hands now.


Trends: Patterned Socks, Harem Pants, & Modified Espadrilles

Socks socks socks– whether striped or native-printed they're the latest essential statement making accessory for men. Stance and Nigel Knox loaded us up on socks, so in a late winter shoot we paired them with a few new pairs of Toms, stylish threads from Onassis, and a few other pieces.

"playing chinese checkers"; vintage Gant plaid button-up; selvedge Levis: Nigel Knox skull socks; Toms desert botas; LRG belt, Nixon watch

A few years ago it was all about skull scarves, last year and the year before skull velvet slippers, this year you gotta have atleast one pair of skull socks.

LRG crewneck sweater; Meltin' Pot denim; Stance camouflage socks; suede Toms shoes

Toms continues to recreate their "buy a pair, we give a pair" espadrilles with newer styles like the suede cordones (featured above) to the canvas desert botas.

vintage Atlanta snapback; Onassis chambray jacket shirt; Onassis harem pants; UGG sneakers; LRG scarf

Onassis has created a perfect pair of modern harem pants, not too over-exaggerated and Hammer-like, but just enough dimension in the shape to a second-look. (You can't see it in the pic, but the crotch of the pants does sag a bit, which of course adds to the authenticity of it being a pair of harems)

More reviews, photos, and get the looks below:


He Hearts SpongeBob: Pharrell Rocks SpongeBob Socks

Look at this image, would you have guessed that this picture
is of a rapper?
Maybe now, but 10 years ago- NO.

Rapper Pharrell Williams has a crazy love for Spongebob Square Pants. In FASHION ROCKS he reveals what attracts him to the Nickoledeon cartoon character. “What I love about SpongeBob,” Pharrell says, “is that he’s basically a six-year-old.”

Okay, so there were a few ways that I was gonna spin this article, at first I was gonna ask you all what cartoon characters would you like to see in the lines of designers- ernie and burt? barnie? winnie the pooh? lol… But now I really want to focus on why Pharrell and other men love these cartoons so much. Let me know what you think and let me know why you love a particular cartoon as well.

Pharrell and his Spongebob mask- it hides him from the paparazzi pretty well.
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