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SWANK or DANK: Christopher Shannon Tri-Stripe Nylon Bomber Jacket

Color blocking has been a popular trend among many designers over the past year. The combination of bold colors are meant to give off a confident ‘happy’ look. Personally, I’m a fan of the trend- especially when the designer does it right… I’m contemplating this design… What’s your take on this flouro red, orange, and grey nylon/jersey bomber?

So what do you think

Christopher Shannon Tri-Stripe Nylon Jacket,$384.99.
*(get matching Christopher Shannon here. )

SWANK OR DANK: Raf Simmons Strap Hi Sneaker

Raf Simmons trainers, $750
Designed to match the pieces in Raf Simmons collection these shoes standout- hot pink, black, brown, and royal blue. Feels like fashion in the Jetsons future to me, what do you think?

SWANK or DANK: Keep Canvas Shoes

Feels like forever since we’ve done a swank or dank… let’s try to make this a weekly thing. Okay, so this weeks item….

When I look at this shoe, I think summer time… perhaps a nice stroll through the park on a sunday afternoon, maybe grab a bit of italian-ice to keep you cool as you walk hand and hand with your signifcant other or maybe even as you people watch on a comfortable park bench.

Keep Gingham & Stripe Canvas Footwear, $66

So what do you think?


(for the urban gent newbies, “swank” is good and “dank” is bad)

SWANK or DANK: Sabit Tuki Gingham Jacket

We haven’t had one of these in months, so let’s have at it:

Gingham is cool, but the question we have to ask ourselves here, is is this too much gingham… I do like the mixture of textures and styles- leather pocket, baseball style jacket, gingham is a material that is usually limited to shirts… so this definitely is an interesting piece, what do you think?
Sabit Tuki Gingham Jacket, $190 (eastwestworldwide)


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