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SWANK or DANK: Marc Jacobs Scribble Sneakers

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2009

Kind of makes me want to draw on my own shoes….


SWANK or DANK: Anzevino & Florence Plaid Shirt

I must say that I greatly appreciate the unique designs and shapes that Anzevino & Florence create with their clothing… they make you think. This plaid flannel shirt is quite interesting, three different prints, hmmm…. what do you think?

Anzevino & Florence Nirvana Plaid Flannel, $136.00


SWANK OR DANK: Nike Pendelton Blazer

Nike Pendelton Blazer

I like Nikes, I like some Navajo inspired things… but a hybrid of the two- idk. Well these limited edition Nike Pendelton Blazer are made of wool making it easy for you to keep warm in these winter months… hey, they say oddly textured shoes are the way to go these days- leather is out (or on vacay). So what do you think…, $150


SWANK OR DANK: Jordan PHLY Legends

Can a pair of Jordans ever be considered dank? hmmm…. Well these navy, red, and sunset orange Jordan PHLY Legends will hit shoe stores Decemeber 1st– will they end up in your closet? Alright you know the deal- SWANK OR DANK?
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