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Copyright Infringment: You Are Lacking in Swagger Sir

Please DONOT copy and paste Urban Gentleman articles to your blogs and websites. If you decide to quote Urban Gent please have an obvious link connecting our sites and be sure to let your readers know that you got it from The Urban Gentleman. It takes alot of hard work and time to write these articles and find the pictures, please respect my dedication and effort.

There have been recent reports of certain bloggers stealing entire Urban Gentleman articles and claiming them as their own… please REPORT them and CALL THEM OUT when you see this… and tell them to have some class and to get some authentic swagger! Damn copycats… If you have taken Urban Gentleman articles please remove them within 24hrs of reading this notification- if you choose not to comply further actions will be taken.

PS- I am so shocked that this is happening, we bloggers are supposed to work together not against one another. I have nothing but love for all fellow bloggers- please have love for The Urban Gentleman!

Hey Urban Gent Readers!!! Definition of an Urban Gentleman.

It’s official… I put the Urban Gentleman in the “urban dictionary” yesterday. Check it out here.

So now “Urban Gentleman” has officially been defined by yours truly. The definition of an Urban Gentleman…

1.) A modern day gentleman.

2.) A certain wardrobe style.

3.) A stylish well-mannered man with
swagger. He has knowledge of proper
etiquette and grooming.

Notable Urban Gentleman: David Beckham, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Brad Pitt.

Kanye West has the style of an Urban Gentleman.

“Wow, look at the way he dresses- Lacoste shirts and Ecko jeans, he’s so nice and ambitious- that guy is such an urban gentleman.

With the support from everyone we’ll be sure to bring awareness to this phrase “Urban Gentleman” a saying that was of course coined here at The Urban Gentleman. Have a great weekend everyone!
PS- Sorry I wasn’t able to post yesterday, I was feeling a little under the weather. But there will be more great articles to come.

*(I spelled ecko jeans wrong on the entry, but I couldn’t edit it… be sure to give it thumbs up). 

Welcome to The Urban Gentleman

Greetings Gentlemen,

I want to welcome you all to my new men’s fashion and grooming blog: The Urban Gentleman aka “the urban gent”.

I have a deep passion for fashion– cliché right? Yeah I know. . . but it’s true. I already have a fashion blog that focuses on women’s styles and trends, but I must say, men’s fashion speaks to me. Ever since I worked in Men’s Furnishings at a high-end retailer, I’ve been sort of an expert on men’s grooming and fashion. While I was there I was surrounded by the best-dressed and most stylish men I’ve seen in my life (besides a few of my close relatives of course:-). I learned the ins and outs of men’s suits, best designers, shoes, ties, pocket squares, bow ties, jeans, etc. I was trained in all the details from fit to materials. I dressed NFL stars, Grammy-winning artist, CEO’s, producers, and tons of millionaires, oh and of course many “everyday guys”- I loved it! No one can touch me on my shirt/tie/pocket square combination!

But back to the blog . . . the reason I created this blog is because I constantly have male friends and family asking me fashion and grooming questions. And I always go shopping with them, where they ask me more questions☺ So finally one day I decided to look online for men’s fashion resources and low and behold- they were few and far in between. Then I searched for websites that focused on a mix of trends, street fashion, and luxury fashion…. and I couldn’t find anything!  So I said to myself, “I should create it”. And after pondering upon it for awhile, I decided “The Urban Gentlemen” would be a perfect name.

The Urban Gentleman will focus on different aspects of men’s fashions and grooming, it will be the modern man’s fashion guide (all men, all sizes, all backgrounds). I’ll try to cover everything from the basics like how-to-tie-a-tie to what is the best type of jeans for your body style. I’ll also consistently keep you updated on the latest men’s fashion styles and looks and male trendsetters.

But all in all this will be my personal taste and style preferences for men. I don’t want my guy to be extra square or extra hip-hop; I want him to be classic yet contemporary, trendy yet refined, I want him to be an Urban Gentleman. I love men in Canali suits and Ferragamo shoes and I also like a guy that can rock an A’s fitted, Seven jeans, and a big-faced Polo. I think now a days, as a man, it’s important to be able to mix the classic and the modern and to always have an edge (when appropriate).

So again I welcome you! Tell all your family, friends, and acquaintances about my blog . . . hopefully I will become your resident men’s fashion and grooming expert!

- Cindy S.

PS- I’ll also try to give you guys a few tips on how to treat a lady because that’s very important for an Urban Gentleman. Also etiquette tips will be in the midst.

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