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Urban Gentleman & Gentlepup: Casual and Dressy Looks for Both Man and Dog

We've combined parts 4 & 5 of The Urban Gentleman & The Urban Gentlepup feature series. Below is the official Urban Gentleman & Urban Gentlepup Looks for Fall 2015 video:

Are you jonesin' for your own stylish canine bff after that video? lol. No worries, it's cool and totally natural, just check out our guide on choosing the perfect dog for men, HERE.

Keeping it with Casual with your Canine.

Urban Gentleman Taariq Tut keeps it casual with his co-pilot Fitz.



How to Pick the Right Dog for Men: Budget, Breed, Lifestyle

No Urban Gentleman and Gentlepup series would be complete without a TUG Guide to Picking the Right Dog for You.

When on the search for a new pup the selection process can be as simple or detailed as you would like.  Three years ago, when I was on the hunt for a new dog, there were a few things I knew I HAD to have: he needed to be small (I lived in an apartment), he needed to not shed (I didn't want to have to constantly cleanup hair), and he needed to be smart (I couldn't deal with slow/stubborn dog at that point in my life, lol ;). Those parameters narrowed down my list pretty quickly, so similarly I would advise you to  follow the steps below when choosing a new dog.

Fitzgerald, the Schnauzer in a custom denim bow-tie

List of 6 Steps to take when Searching for the Right Dog

1. Think about your lifestyle and what you want and need from a dog-– write down your findings. This doesn't have to be long, just a few sentences. After doing this you'll probably already have a few breeds in mind that you think could work.

2. Decide what size you want: Small, Medium, Large. This will largely depend on where you live and on your purpose for having a dog.  Are you in the suburbs or city? 1 bedroom apartment or 6 bedroom townhouse?  While there are big dogs that do well in small spaces, its always best to try to keep the dog's size proportionate to your living situation.

Also get down to the nitty gritty of why you want a dog– just for companionship?  to play sports/be active with? to be an extra layer of security? If your sole purpose is to just have an on-call co-pilot then you may be more keen to have a smaller size. On the other hand if you want a dog that can be your canine bouncer then you'll likely want a pup with more build and stature.


Going on Dates with Your Dog: Urban Gentleman and Gentlepup Series, #2

Yesterday we discussed how dogs are man's best friend – it's a relationship that seems to have naturally fell into place centuries upon centuries ago. And along with our dogs being our best friends, they happily become our co-pilot. Working out? They're leading the trail. Running errands? They're riding shotgun with their face in the wind. But what about dates? Is it okay to allow them to co-pilot when on a date? 

Topman jeans; Common Projects Derby

The answer varies. If she's allergic, then no. There's no point in being a jerk, leave your urban gentlepup at home (and rethink if you can really date someone allergic to dogs- j/k). If it's evening and you're going somewhere fancy… I know your co-pilot has his own bow-tie collection, but still please forgo dragging him along. 

It's really only appropriate to bring your dog on dates when it's casual. For example: going to the park or hanging out at an outdoor festival or market. If you're in the mood to get dressed up with your Lady and wanna bring your dog, well, Sunday brunch is perfect! Check out Look 2 of our series below: 

Urban Gentlepup Fitzgerald the Schnauzer taking charge

George Frost necklace; TUG pinback

Get the Look:

See the complete Urban Gentleman and Gentlepup series, here.

Man and Dog: The Urban Gentleman and Gentlepup Series, Part 1 (At the Park)

Man & dog— it's just so natural. Even in the very beginning of time when African kings and queens sat upon their golden thrones they often had a canine companion by their side. Why? Because dogs are the ultimate best friend. Their loyalty and love is unconditional, plus there's the added benefit of being able to handpick and train them. 

Ancient African Drawings of Pharaohs with dogs

As we move into a society where we start family life after 32 opposed to 22, having a dog is becoming more than the norm… it's almost a standard. So this is our first ode to the new standard. This week is all about man's best friend. Featuring Atlantan Urban Gentleman Taariq Tut and our first featured Urban Gentlepup Fitzgerald, the Schnauzer.

This series contains 5 Looks.

– Look 1: Going to the Park  –

Obey navy tank; Zanerobe joggers; mirrored aviators; vintage backpack

A classic affair with your canine companion: going to the park, running around like kids, and chillin' in the green grass… good vibes all around.

Fitzgerald aka Fitz is a 1.5 yr old brown and white miniature schnauzer 

When going to the park with your canine BFF here's what you need:

– Your backpack of course.. or duffle

– toys: a single ball will do, but I would bring 2 just in case

– bottle of water: gotta keep hydrated

– small towel or blanket: if and only if you plan to stay awhile and chill on the lawn

– extras: insect repellant, sunscreen, and extra poop bags (some parks don't have them)


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