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Usain Bolt: Puma Gold

Those custom made spikes are a beauty
Usain Bolt outside “The Bird’s Nest” in Beijing, China.

If you didn’t know him before, you love him now. With a 9.69 100m WORLD RECORD time, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world. And oh-boy am I proud… if you didn’t know I’m half Jamaican myself… so after his win and the sweep with the Jamaican women- Shelly-Ann Fraser, Kerron Stewart and Sherone Simpson I was superCrazyRidiculouslyExcited! Anyway, Usain aka “Lightening Bolt” made history while rockin’ gold Pumas. That was a good look for Puma and I’m sure their shoes sales of the Cell Meio, from their Runway Collection, will spike. Check them out:

The “Usain” Pumas…

I’ve always had a fetish for Pumas, they’re just so ridiculously cool, but I usually opt for the high tops… I actually have the Jamaican colored high-top pumas that I rock on special occasions:-) Aren’t you just lovin’ how these shoes are croc- so sexy… check out all 14 colors and styles, including the new Puma Usan Metallic.

Turns out Puma has had a presence in Jamaica for awhile.
I found this ad on the net and it says that Puma was (is?) a
sponsor of the Jamaican Athletics Federation.
Cool ad!

More pictures of the fastest man in the world

This picture makes me laugh because he was straight
CHILLIN at the end of the race! Hands all out and ish,
neck turned to the side, lol. He could have ran so much
faster and he could have a MUCH better record,
but hey… maybe next olympic.

And the fastest women:

Darn it feels so good to be a Jamaican right now:-)
and an American- thanks to Michael Phelps, that guy is my Hero!!! :-)

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