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Victor Glemaud…

… my new favorite.
well one of my new favorites anyway….
i like his spring 07 and fall 08 collections the best
but i guess its hard to find new ways to do the same thing. his spring and fall 09 collections are still good tho. but anywho, i present to you:
victor glemaud

spring 07 and fall 08
(this is why i love him)

for this look, i just have to stop.
then stare.
then clap.
then say:
im a ramblin wreck from georgia tech a helluva engineer”
lol… if only all the guys wore their old gold like this.

spring 2009, followed by fall 2009
(this is his new ish)

job well done victor.

you can purchase items from the victor glemaud collection at

ODIN (New York)
328 East 11th Street
New York, NY 10003
P: 212.475.0666

(you can also purchase his collection in Japan

inquire for more info).
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