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BlumLux Watches: Charming Yet Rebellious

While many of the newer watch companies seek to create "cool rubber" watches, Nick Blum went the opposite direction. He created a line of attainable luxury watches, that sport quite the unique look. I can honestly say I can't remember seeing a face shape like the one BlumLux watches tote– it's sort of a curved in quadrilateral, most resembling a rectangle.

Passion-Diamond (Rose Gold BlumLux watch). I opted for rose gold because it's most in trend, but the all black with the hint of rose gold on the face seems like it'd be quite swanky.

My first impression of the watch when opening the box was hip-hop mogul, it was just a bit too ostentatious for my immediate taste. But the more I looked at it I began to "see" Beverley Hills millionaire or cocky international traveler– the style grew on me.  I think the key to wearing such a bold watch is letting it speak for itself, meaning keep your clothing relatively simple while wearing it. A crisp white button up, navy trousers and lace-ups. Or a simple t-shirt, great pair of denim or printed shorts, and pair of shoes that have a simply elevate your look. Basically subtle and classic colors, for the most part.


Get more pics and looks to go with your BlumLux watch below: CONTINUE READING MORE >>>

Parks and Recreation: Summertime Style.

Parks & Recreation: Snapback & Tees (Summer Edition).

(behind-the-scenes video of Parks & Recreation: Summertime Style)

Lately we've been so caught up in button-downs, selvedge denim, shawl collar cardigans, and double-breasted blazers that we've forgotten about the relaxed easiness of a simple t-shirt and shorts. So we pulled out the snapbacks, fresh tees, a variety of shorts, and matching accessories to help get you through what seems to be the hottest days of summertime. Also, introducing, Ben Swann #TeamTUG.

An afternoon at the park.


10:37AM// Eat breakfast.

(snapback hat: AN 'Arched Atlanta Braves', 'Animal House', shoes: Native' Miller', watch: Timex)

11:15AM// Pack your bag for a good ole time at the park (yo-yo, check, frisbee, check, a ton of games to have old-fashion fun, check…).


11:45AM// Always say "hi" to the neighbors or passersby, wave or casually throw up deuces (aka peace sign).

( 'Beatles 1962', shoes: Native 'Howard' , jacket/rain coat: Vintage London Fog, bag: Nametag Sprayground, watch: Timex, buttons: Good Wood and T.U.G)

11:51AM// Look both ways before crossing the street.

(snapback hat: AN 'Nineties' Oakland Athletics, 'Retro Bob Marley', shoes: Native 'Miller', watch: Timex 'Camper', rucksack: Duluth )

12:03PM// Keep cool and be nostalgic– buy a popsicle from the ice cream man.

(snapback hat: AN 'Across the Board' Detroit, 'Bayside High', shoes: Native 'Howard', watch: Timex 'Camper', jacket: Vintage early 90s Levis, buttons: Good Wood and T.U.G)

12:19PM// Sit on a bench (in the shade of course), people watch, and ponder upon life.

(snapback hat: AN 'Across the Board' Detroit, 'Bayside High', shoes: Native 'Howard', watch: Timex 'Camper', jacket: Vintage early 90s Levis, buttons: Good Wood and T.U.G)


12:43PM// Play frisbee with a friend. (or any other park-friendly sport to your liking)

(snapback hat: AN 'Across the Board' Braves, 'Hangover  One Man Wolfpack'shoes: Native 'Corrado', watch: Timex)

1:42PM// Take a breather and relax before heading home, or to your next destination.

(snapback hat: AN 'Across the Board' Braves, 'Hangover  One Man Wolfpack'shoes: Native 'Corrado', watch: Timex)

Get more of the look below:




Holiday Giveaway #6: 50 RUMBA watches

Just like last week, we're starting off week 2 of The Urban Gentleman Giveaways with trying to make almost everybody a winner.

Today's feature item: RUMBA Watches. (something for our urban gent athletes)


I'm sure you're familiar with them, they're those watches you've probably seen at the checkout desk of some trendy boutiques. You've probably also seen them in a few street style photos this year — many stylish Londoners will buy several and wear them all at once.  I look at these as a great replacement for guys who like to wear those livestrong rubberbands or similar rubbery wrist items.  And since they come in so many different colors and styles, I can also see buying two or three colors to match your favorite team(s). For example, I'll probably have on red, white, and black rumba watches when I'm watching The Falcons kick ass at the Super Bowl in February (ha, ha, ha y'all know we're gonna win it all). And at only $22 a pop, for the original version, they make for great stocking stuffers for everyone from athletes to fashion lovers. (…did I mention they're waterproof?)


30 readers will be chosen today (and we'll be randomly giving away 20 more throughout the week) so 50 total winners. To win you must comment on this post, comment on our Facebook, and/or re-tweet on Twitter. SO link to us on your facebook/twitter pages, tell all your friends, and tweet your heart out… today plenty of you will be #winners.

The 20 random winners will be chosen from entries only, meaning you must comment on the posting. The 20 winners will be emailed directly.


Wearing Rumba watches while riding a Rumba bike… athletics and style


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Invicta Watches.


Not everyone is meant to wear the colorful monochromatic watches we love so much, some gentlemen have to and want to keep it more traditional, but with a modern masculine edge. And for those guys there’s Invicta.
Invicta watches offer a variety of affordable traditional luxury watches that have been meticulously styled to fit modern aesthetics. Their brand is perfect for gentlemen who need a versatile watch that can be worn to the office and to an exclusive lounge after work. Check out a few of our favorites:
Invicta Men’s Vintage Style
Mechanical Stainless Steel Watch, $114
(also comes in gold)


Invicta Men’s S1 Racer Combat Swiss Quartz
Chronograph Black Strap Watch, $187

Invicta Men’s Reserve Russian Diver Akula
Swiss Quartz Chronograph Watch, $409

Invicta Men’s Reserve Russian Diver Akula
Swiss Quartz Black IP Watch, $289

You can find these watches and more at (Watches>Invicta>Men’s). And while you’re there be sure to check out their other watch offerings, ShopNBC has some of the best prices on modernly traditional watches.

Fossilized in Time: Our Favorite Fossil Watches

A watch. It’s something so basic, so standard, and according to our latest urban gentleman survey- so necessary. The results of the survey (on the right sidebar) made me once again realize that watches are truly an essential. I must admit once I got my first cell phone back in 1999 my love and want for a new watch each year declined. But I’m a singular case and most people, especially men, make having a watch a priority.

When purchasing a watch was priority on my list, there was one main place my parents took my siblings and I– Fossil. I have a relatively large family so buying watches for the whole bunch was quite an expensive task. Therefore, it was important that we purchased watches that were 1.) stylish 2.) quality and 3.) priced right. Fossil always delivered. And according to my friend, who’s obsessed with Fossils traditionally vintage inspired watches, they still do.

So he and I spent time perusing Fossil’s large selection of quality gentlemen timepieces, this is what we found:

Analog Silver Dial watch, $95

Vintage inspired. This is one of several watches Fossil has introduced or re-introduced as they celebrate their 25th anniversary. With a unique roulette dial and classy brown leather band, this is must for any vintage lover.

Twist Black Dial watch, $125

I keep it basic. That’s simply what this is- a basic beautifully designed aviation inspired watch. No extra fancy frills, just stunning details that will make this watch standout on any wrist.

black Twist Black Dial watch, $125

“Games? I don’t play them”. This timepiece is meant for those who take themselves and everything they do very serious. They’re business men, and to be honest their isn’t enough time in the day for them to contently complete their tasks, nevertheless, they try. Their style is immaculate and their timepiece (they call it a timepiece, not a watch) has to go along with their serious, yet elegant, and powerful lifestyle.

green S+ark O-Ring, $110

Higher thinking. The owner of this watch thinks beyond 2009, he’s not into being trendy or extra fashionable, but he always wants the sleekest and cleanest designs when it comes to anything he owns. He always has the latest and greatest- new macbook pro? (check), blackberry tour? (check), new 50′ Sony Bravia? (check). Next on his list, Stark O-ring…. check.

silver S+arck Veiled, $150

There are guys who love to accessorize. No, I’m not talking about matching your murse or messenger to your shoes. I’m saying you like to coordinate your cuff-links, and you regularly purchase tie clips or pocket squares. If that’s you then this watch is you. Beautifully disguised as a bracelet this will flawlessly match with your Thursday night jazz attire, Friday evening baseball game outfit, Saturday night club threads, and your Sunday’s best.

brown S+arck Starckore, $175

Suit Up. This watch is perfect for those who have a modern contemporary yet timeless style. I can easily see this paired with an Armani suit or with a Ralph Lauren polo, cords, and boat shoes.

None of these quite fit you?
Check out their complete collection of watches HERE.

Check past articles on watches here.

Step Your Watch Game Up: Latest Watch Trends

Lupe has helped to bring back some of the latest watch trends
Watches. . . sometimes they seem like a thing of the past especially since the invention of the cellphone. Now of course there are those who ALWAYS wear watches and it’s commendable because watches are great accessories. They’re sort of like the equivalent of bracelets for women- to some extent. If you are one of those men who wears watches daily then you probably already have your favorites styles and brands in mind. But for those who don’t. . . . well, you should think of watches as an accessory more so than a necessity, therefore you should get a watch or watches that fit your style. The newest watch trends are all pretty hot, but you should really look over you wardrobe and analyze your style when trying to match which watch style is best for you.
I think some of the flyest watches are digital these days. When I was younger I thought they were pretty nerdy, but now that nerdy is in digital watches are cool. . . superCool, lol. They fit in perfectly with the overly prep styles, 80s styles, urbanPrep, and they go GREAT with graphic tees. . . they’re just kinda dope. Check these out:

Neat huh? And sleek at that the same time. This is a great watch- very tech savvy looking.
“Pimp Watch” Saishin Diode
Buy it HERE
(b/c of urban gent readers, this watch is now sold out)

This a nice clean simple digital/analog watch. It would look good with the graphic tees.
Fossil Ana-Digi
Buy it HERE
It’s a watch AND a calculator – at the same time, lol. . . With this watch on your wrist it’ll be easy to caculate how much you’re spendin’, it may even help you out on a test, who knows- the possibilties are endless with this one;-)
Vestal “Calcutron”
Buy it HERE

This is the watch NERD’s like Pharrell William rock on a daily. Yep, he’s a Casio digital watch fan, and I must say after checking out the website- they have some great picks there. The one above was just released in March.
BAPE G-shock MGD-00209

Forget Platinum, GO GOLD:
Like Lupe says “Got my- gold watch- and my. . . ” you know the rest. After about a decade of getting no love, Gold is back in style and that includes gold watches. I’m kind of glad Gold is back b/c it allows for more variety. Check out these Lupe style watches, and make sure you cope one so you can be “the coolest dude, what”. . .

This is a good choice, and the watch looks just as vintage as the Penguin polos.
Penguin Gold Watch
Buy it Here
(b/c of urban gent readers, this watch is now sold out)

This is a very classic looking watch, and it would go great with a casual or dressy outfit.
Paul Frank Gold Watch
Buy it HERE
(b/c of urban gent readers, this watch is now sold out)

Now these elegant time pieces are perfect for those who want to go back to gold, but in the least corny way.
Guess Gold Watches
Left: $125.00 Right:$115.00
Buy them HERE

Now this watch makes me laugh, lol. . .why? Because look at it- it’s so damn nerdy. It’s gold and it’s digital a happy medium between the main watch trends. AND it’s a Timex- so that adds to it’s nerd-like credibility. Call me crazy, but I really like this watch, I mean I really really do- okay, well I’m not in LOVE with it and I mean it’s no Jacob watch, but it’s so trendy. . . and for only $35.00 it just doesn’t get any better. PLUS it looks alot like the gold watch Lupe rocks.

Timex Digital with Chronogragh
Buy it HERE
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