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My New Favorite Cologne. . . for the moment.

Ellen Barkin & Matt Damon in Ocean's 13
As I hung out with one of my friends this past weekend, I was consistently mesmerized by his scent. The cologne he wore was intoxicating- made me feel like the hotel manager chick from Ocean's 13, you know- when Matt Damon's character seduced her with his cologne- remember that scene? on the rooftop? anyway- that's how I felt.

The cologne is by the late Yves Saint Laurent– it's called Body Kouros
"C'est mon nouveau parfum prefere"

From my understanding Yves Saint Laurent has some of the best colognes. My friend went on to tell me stories about the cologne- women grabbing him at the club asking him what he's wearing and so on. You can buy the cologne from most department stores, but he generally gets his colognes as gifts from France (since his family lives there). He also told me that even though colognes smell the same worldwide, he thinks the French versions (European versions perhaps) seem to last longer- which I found quite interesting. . . but they're all the same so they last about the same. Most YSL colognes should last from 6-10 hours on average.

I've done some research on this cologne and YSL Body Kouros has gotten some of the top reviews since it's arrival in 2000. I also found that there are several Kouros colognes, two other top ones are the original Kouros and Kouros Sports. The best thing about the YSL colognes is that they all have extremely reasonable prices especially Body Kouros. . . I wonder if Clive Christian No.1, the most expensive men's fragrance, smells as good, hmmmm. . .

Clive Christian No.1 for men retails at $2350

*Remember that most women don't like very very strong harsh scents; masculine fresh scents are the best. Strong scents can be appropriate for certain events though, like if you're going to a red carpet event at night or maybe even when you're just hanging with your guy friends. Stronger scents are also great for older gentleman, you young chaps should certainly stick to lighter scents.

Cindy from The Urban Gentleman

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