Urban Gentleman Magazine

Dear Urban Gentleman readers,

There is no such thing as an "urban gentleman magazine". Someone is currently infringing upon our trademark.If you are dealing with or talking to this company, you are dealing with an inauthentic, unlawful, and quite frankly uncreative and unoriginal company.

Please do not read, distribute, download, or support anything that has to do with "urban gentleman magazine".

So once again an "UG Magazine" or "Urban Gentleman Magazine" does NOT exist. If we create a tangible magazine, we will let everyone know. So far we are a: online magazine, a website, and a men's brand.


We thank you for your support and love!


– Urban Gentleman Staff


Doing any type of work or dealings with them will be cause for legal action. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us: info@TheUrbanGent.com. Thank You. 

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